Who Is at Risk for Glaucoma

Some people are at greater risk for developing glaucoma and should see their ophthalmologist on a regular basis, specifically for glaucoma testing.

Risk factors for glaucoma include:

  • Age
  • Family history of glaucoma
  • African or Hispanic ancestry
  • Farsightedness or nearsightedness
  • Elevated eye pressure
  • Past eye injury
  • Having a thinner central cornea (the clear, front part of the eye covering the pupil and colored iris)
  • Not having eye examinations when they are recommended
  • Low blood pressure
  • Conditions that affect blood flow, such as migraines, diabetes and low blood pressure

People of Asian descent and those with hyperopia (farsightedness) tend to be more at risk for narrow-angle glaucoma (also known as angle-closure glaucoma or closed-angle glaucoma).

If you have received a glaucoma diagnosis, your doctor will talk about possible treatment options, such as glaucoma eyedrops and/or glaucoma surgery.