Fuchs’ Dystrophy

Fuchs’ dystrophy is a genetic, inherited disease that affects more than 300,000 Americans. It is caused by failure of the endothelial cells on the innermost surface of the cornea and is associated with progressive corneal clouding and visual loss.

If visual loss occurs, the corneal endothelial cell layer can be replaced with a partial thickness corneal transplant, called DMEK or DSAEK. DMEK is the most effective surgical treatment for Fuchs’ dystrophy, and Dr. Kennedy is one of the only doctors in the area trained to perform this procedure. Partial thickness corneal transplants allow surgeons to replace only the diseased portion of the cornea, allowing for faster visual recovery and less risk of transplant rejection.

To learn more about Fuchs’ dystrophy, visit the Fuchs Friends patient forum by following this link: fuchs-dystrophy.org/fuchsfriends.htm